Rock Trade Company offers products that are used in the production of agricultural goods, specialty markets and hardware stores such as in constructions. This includes Caustic Soda, fertilizer, seed, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and construction material hardware.

At Rock Trade Company , the focus in selling our product is to meet the customer satisfaction and be prompt to provide technic support wherever need be.

West Chemical Expert offers varieties of products that we carefully design and test. We are not just limited to distribute fertilizers and plant protection products for modern green spaces. We are also committed to support our customer through our team of sales engineers.


Second, West Chemical Expert gives appropriate advice and reliable technical solutions to customers. Our job is also to develop tools to facilitate customers access to all the technical information about our products. That is why we offer specific support services, to provide all the necessary ingredients to make customers green areas a reference.


Our offers range from supply distribution of our international partners to services in which we are specialized. In the maintenance of green spaces, we bring accurate diagnoses.


From the list of product that we get from our international partners

We have products such as:

  • Caustic Soda Pearl/Purity: 99%
  • Calcium carbide
  • Washing Detergent Powder
  • Disposable three parts syringe
  • Tomato paste


We are specialized in :

  • Studying the soil: Specific physical, chemical and biological analysis lawns. Archiving customers analyzes for better traceability of customers need.
  • Elaborating Specific Goals for a better production of a soil: Our engineering team conducts visit and assist customers and plan for better application of our line products
  • Spreading Fertilizer evenly
  • Conducting agronomic research and implementing new technology for farmers.