Our offer

Rock Trade Company offers products that are used in green space, food industry, water treatment, soil treatment, and in agroindustry. This offers includes Caustic Soda, fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and SLES.

Quality and accuracy are key differentiators for Rock Trade Company, driven by our robust information systems, distribution channels and documented standards of performance. Rock Trade Company adheres to West African Chemical standards on a corporate level and also strives to attain certifications for all service products.

Our Expertise

Our main expertise is to provide quality chemical products to our customers and support their green space and agricultural needs.  Rock Trade Company offers a host of benefits to our customers, depending upon the size, scope and nature of each customer’s solution.  The following are a few important reasons why customers have considered Rock Trade Company as a potential partner in managing their chemical supply chains. Rock Trade Company develops an extensive expertise in the distribution of its products lines through local channels and international means by offering our customers a pleasant experience.

We are specialized

Distribution: Rock Trade Company is specialized in ordering chemical products from overseas market located in China and in the United States. With an extensive expertise in distribution of chemical product we look and search for potential customers with our local experts.

Elaborating Specific Goals for a better production of a soil: Our engineering team conducts visit and assist customers and plan for better application of our line products, Spreading Fertilizer evenly, conducting agronomic research and implementing new technology for farmers.

Rock Trade Company’s Commitment to the Environment

Rock Trade Company, is committed to the environment. Chemicals are a necessary component and element of manufacturing for many of the products that we enjoy.  However, unsafe and irresponsible handling of chemicals can pose a risk to our families, communities and the environment.  Rock Trade Company is committed to the safe and efficient management of chemicals through each stage of the chemical lifecycle to preserve a healthy environment for future generations.

Our efforts to improve supply chain visibility lead to a reduction in chemical waste and obsolescence.  Our safe and knowledgeable handling of chemicals reduces the possibility of accident and exposure.

Our commitment to operating in a safe and efficient manner underscores Rock Trade Company’s commitment to the environment. Rock Trade Company’s adherence to all applicable environmental regulations and our commitment to responsible corporate citizenship are integral and enduring parts of our culture.

Our different products

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Safety and Simplicity

Chemical products are dangerous in mishandling. Rock Trade Company offers the expertise to safely manage chemicals and gases that leads to a reduction of risk. Chemical and gas management is our core focus, not a side business or an afterthought.  Allowing Rock Trade Company to manage the chemical supply chain in a very professional way with all the protections.

Rock Trade Company also offers tools to simplify customer oversight, such as an easy, per-pound pricing structure and a user friendly, real-time feedback reporting interface through our warehouse.


Rock Trade Company provides customized solutions to meet unique and demanding requirements associated with the management of regulated chemicals products, and also offers industry-specific solutions.  Rock Trade Company’s ability to handle high-purity chemicals in a clean room environment is one example of a unique, customized service.

Also, Rock Trade Company’s ability to recondition chemical product to fit various customer needs is a great way the company has striven to serve communities.

Core Value Statement

Rock Trade Company has a commitment to provide an precedent customer service. With such, we will always deliver respect for ourselves, our community, our community, and our environment.

Rock Trade Company high expectation is to innovate and improve process and deliver every promise set before the customer.

Continuous Improvement

Rock Trade Company collaborates with customers to systematically improve service levels while reducing total buying costs. Innovations driving the win-win include increasing visibility and accuracy to reduce the needed inventory levels, and analyzing and minimizing the root causes for costly product. It is necessary therefore for Rock Trade Company to order directly from factories.